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EPDM O-Rings

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EPDM O-Rings (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

O-Rings made of EPDM material can be found a a variety of industrial applications. EPDM is short for ethylene propylene diene monomer, and it has a 45% to 85% ethylene content. Improved loading is consistent with a higher percentage of ethylene content. Crosslink density is higher as a result of peroxide curing.

EPDM is compatible with hydraulic fluids, water at extreme temperatures, ketones as well as alkalis. However, it does not perform well with concentrated acids, gasoline, most types of oils, and hydrocarbons of both aromatic and aliphatic types.

Physical characteristics of EPDM rubber are its excellent resistance to heat, as well as its ability to withstand weathering and ozone degradation. Satisfactory performance as against steam and polar substances ate also noted. Electrical insulating characteristics, resistance to ordinary acids in diluted form, and to alkaline are also satisfactory.

Common applications of EPDM material are found in seals, as in the form of an insulator for doors used in cold rooms. Other uses include face seals, where silicone type seals are not recommended. These are typically found in environments where automotives are been spray painted. However, EPDM elastomers are most usually found in vehicles as in sealing for doors, windows and car trunk.

Keywords: Ethylene Propylene O-Rings, Sunlight, Ozone, weathering, Hot Water and Steam, Auto / Aircraft Brake Fluids, Some Acids and Bases, Ketones and Alcohols, Plumbing.

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